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Frankincense Honey

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Frankincense Honey

$69.95 $70.00 saving $0.05

Here at last, one of nature’s rarest treasures! Frankincense honey, straight from the mountain wadis of southern Oman. Unlike most commercial honey, which is made by the widely-exported European honey bee (Apis mellifera), frankincense honey is produced by the indigenous Omani dwarf bee (Apis florea). These little fellows have evolved alongside the Omani frankincense trees (Boswellia sacra), and preferentially seek out their fragrant, white flowers. What’s more, the bees love frankincense resin almost as much as humans do—they actively collect the resin from harvesting cuts and use it as medicine to protect their hives! The medicine carries over to the honey too—tests show that the honey actually contains boswellic acids!


Flavor Sweet, Rich, Slightly Piney and Floral
Honey Bee Apis florea


Suggested Use

Frankincense honey contains small amounts of Boswellic acids, which are known for their anti-inflammatory effects. Raw honey has also been linked to supporting weight loss, alleviating allergy symptoms, antioxidant activity, supporting the immune system, suppressing coughs, treating wounds and burns, and numerous other health benefits.  

We recommend taking a small amount of honey orally each day. You can also combine it with herbal, black, or green tea for additional benefits. 

Frankincense honey can also be used with clay and ground herbs to make a moisturizing exfoliant scrub, or combined with other herbal treatments to improve the taste.